Update 0.7

Good afternoon Residents of Serverva Mu-On.Ru.

For a long time there was no News We have on the Server.
I want to please you with Update 0.7.

What exactly has been changed on our Server?

Fixed Visual Design of the Client.
Fixed Stack Problem. Now you can throw out the Pack without breaking it. The Server will calculate the Quantity by itself.

Added Spots to the Swamp-of-Peace Map.

Added Teleport LaCleon-2

Added Information on almost All Stones in Sharpening Percentage for Vip and non-Vip Players.

ExE Options Transfer System from Same Items Will Be Included.
Attention if luck is not on your side Both items are lost and non-refundable.

Changes Affected All Wings Per Class.
The changes also affected the PvP of each class.
Please do not jump to conclusions PvP Will be in Test Mode and I will wait for Information from the Players.

Now I am working on the Expansion of the Quest System.
Quest from Buff Elf has been disabled.

Thanks to Every Player for the Feedback on the Server We are making a Very Good Project Together.

Added Smiley System for Better Communication between Players.

Attention The update will work on 06/20/2022 at 20:00 Server time.
Download Update You can run through the Launcher Through the Administrator.
Or Download Patch and Install Manually to the Game Folder.


Posted on 19 / 06 / 2022 By PoccHaHa

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