Update 0.5

Good Day Mu-On Residents!
Our Servers Are Awaiting Big Changes!
Prepared for you Update 0.5!
Please Download The New Client On Our Website The Update Will Be Enabled On 04/28/2022 At 20:00 Server Time.
What changes have been made?
The Most Important and Important I think is the Refusal of NPC Reset and NPC Grand Reset!
Now you will have 2 Buttons, namely Grand Reset and Reset in the Right Corner.
There Will Be A Description Of Reset And Grand Reset What You Need For This And What Reward You Will Get.
Added Creating an Account Directly through the Game Client, the Create Button will appear.
Added Auto Save Your Password for Simplified Game Login.
To Save Password, you must Check the Save Account/Password checkbox.
Changes have also been made to Mu Helper, now it is Available from Level 1.
New NPC Quest.

The whole Quest System has been redone.
Added New Item Zen Coin Drop from Any Monster, Designed for Quest System.
New Stack System!
Stack - Zen Coin 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Cherry Blossom Play-Box 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Pumpkin of Luck 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Jewel of Extension 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Jewel of Elevation 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Kalt Stone 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Goblin Gold Coin 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Talisman of Luck 10 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Attention !
Special Attention to the Stack of these Items, namely Cherry Blossom Play-Box and Pumpkin of Luck!
When you have completed a box of 2 or 255 Cherry Blossom Play-Box or Pumpkin of Luck !
You mustn't throw them on the ground!!! Since the Server will consider that you threw only 1 Box.
What you have to do is take a Hammer to Fix Things and Just knock on the Box and it will break in 1 Box!

Added New NPCs

Off PvP NPC - Lorencia 130 x 137 : Allows you to Enable or Disable PvP Mode up to 50 Reset for 50 Goblin Points.
Clear Master Skill NPC - Lorencia 123 x 144 : Allows you to reset the Skill Tree to re-drop Stats for 5000 Goblin Points.
Snowman - Lorencia 130 x 127 , and Noria 169 x 112 : Completing the Mini Quest Will Let You Go Immediately to Devias Map at Level 1.
Redesigned NPC Teleport Arena Now Available Only for VIP Players Minimum Level VIP Bronze or Higher.
NPC Clear Stats - Noria 168 x 100 Allows you to reset all stats for 1000 Goblin Points.
Golden Archer - Devias 227 x 58 Allows Rena Item to be exchanged for Goblin Points. 1 Rena = 2 Goblin Points.
NPC Assistant - Devias 218 x 72 Allows you to Summon an Assistant for Leveling for 50 Goblin Points.
Lugard - Devias 229 x 221 Allows you to get to the New Event Doppelganger Collecting 5 Sign of Dimensions Items Get a Pass Ticket.
Added - Event Illusion Temple!

Added Agreement to the Rules when Sending Messages to Post!
Added Warning Window or Description of certain Actions in the Game.
Added New Commands to the Game, You can find it in the FAQ Section in the Game!
Changes Affected almost every Map with New Spots for Leveling!
Big Changes on the Arena Map!
The Column Events Time Boar has been redesigned, it is divided into 3 Sections Event Time, Invasion Time, Auction Time.
Some Items have been removed from the X-Shop.
Wing Crafting Success Chance Level 3 Raised to 50%.
Added a Boss Kill Notification in the Game indicating the Player who Killed the Boss.

The update is already stable, but there will probably be minor changes through the Game Launcher in Auto Mode.
I wish you a pleasant game with respect PoccHaHa.

Posted on 27 / 04 / 2022 By PoccHaHa

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