Update 0.4

Good day Residents of the Server Mu-On.Ru
The Server will be updated Today at 20:00 Server Time.
For the Update to work, you need to download the New Client.


What has been changed?
Changes in X-Shop!
Added new Pets.
Added new Riding Pets.
Added New Items Talismans to Create Wings lvl 1, lvl 2, lvl 2.5, lvl 3, lvl 4. Custom Wings
Added Wings lvl 2.5
Added Wings lvl 4 
Added New Books for Summoning Golden Monsters to get Goblin Points.
Fixed Options and Correct display.
Fixed Dropping Items from Boss and Box.
If a Pet has been changed, contact me personally to restore the pets.

Posted on 03 / 04 / 2022 By PoccHaHa

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