Update 0.3

Good Day Residents Of The Server Mu-On.Ru !
I want to thank you once again for your Support !
And I think We will have this as a Tradition with You, I also try to show that Your Efforts in Developing the Server are Essential.
Our Server is waiting for Big changes and fixes !
04.03.2022 at 21:00 Moscow Time Client Update !
You need to Remove the old Game Client and Install a New One!
All 3 Servers Receive Updates !
Full information will be here :
Client Usage Changes Will be Available to Run 3 Windows on One Machine and 5 Connections will be available on One IP Address !
Fixed - Elf 's Arrow System And I amused you from the Eternal problem Associated with the Purchase of Arrows , they will be Endless !
Fixed - Dynamic Monster Damage System
Information here : Fixed - Vip Player Experience and Drop System Information here :
Fixed - Drop system is completely redesigned and configured.
Fixed - Icon System Received Buffs Will Display Small Icons, Information about the Buffs and the Time when it will pass.
Fixed - Getting a Buff after a Duel.
Fixed - Internal Server Processes.
Fixed - Drop Items for Passing 1 2 and 3 Professions.
Fixed - Mini Map.
Changes in Item Stores and cost.
Changes in the Drop of all Stones and Zen.
Changes in the Cost of the Flag System and Options for the Flag.
Added - Item System +10 and up to +15 Each set of Items Gives its own Aura.
Added - The Luck Wheel System is an Opportunity to get Different Items Information here :
Added - The new Vulcanus Passage Map is located in Atlans Cordinates 13 x 19 The minimum level for passage is 300.
Added - New Collections Of Ancient Objects.
Bala The Arena Map has Been redesigned now there Will Be Only 5 Types of Monsters Spots 2 Types of Monsters with a Joke this is Bali and Solder I Think you Will Like It!
On the Arena Map, the Drop of Items from Monsters is completely Disabled and There is the Fastest Respawn on the Server for Monsters after Death 1 Second.

Posted on 02 / 03 / 2022 By PoccHaHa

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