Start Pandora Server Exp x-100

Welcome dear guests!

If you have come to this website, then you are interested in Mu Online game.

I want to offer you a cool new server called Pandora.

Description of the server.

Season 3 Premium



Max Reset - 100

Max Grand Reset - 50

Rich Quest system, more than 255+ Quests.

Qualitatively configured server and excellent balance. Stable server operation 24/7.

There is no Donation on the server for Items, etc. DONATE only for MuOn Coin.

Implemented a unique crafting system. Top item crafting system.

The server has high-quality Anti-Cheat.

Direct transfer of information from the game server to the Discord server is available.

*You can find out more in the Discord group.

I am personally responsible for the server and give a guarantee for a fair game! If you have already registered, you can use the referral system.

You should copy your referral link from your personal account referral system and share this link with a friend for registration.

You, a friend and other players who have registered using your referral link are waiting for nice rewards every 10 Resets.

A friend can also invite a friend through their referral system.

Server start on August 5, 2022 at 20:00 server time.

For convenience, I made a countdown timer before the start of the New Pandora Server.

Points per reset 500/700.

For each reset you receive rewards in the form of game currency.

I hope you enjoy the setup and performance of the server.

I wish you a pleasant game, great pastime and maximum positive emotions.


Get ready and come enjoy with us.

Posted on 01 / 08 / 2022 By PoccHaHa

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