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Information About Mu-On

General Information
Server Version Season 3 Premium
Max Stats All Server 32767
Max Reset All Server 100 Reset
Max Grand Reset All Server 50 Grand Reset
Points LvL All Server DW-DK-Elf-5/MG-6/DL-7
Points Per Reset All Server DW-DK-Elf-500/MG-600/DL-700
Points Per Grand Reset All Server DW-DK-Elf-MG-DL-5000
Experience Server Hard 30% Dynamic
Experience Server Easy 500% Dynamic
Experience Server Pandora 100% Dynamic
Drop Items All Server 30% Dynamic
Drop Zen All Server 30% Dynamic
LvL Reset All Server 350/360/370/380/390/400
Reset Lemit per Day. All Server 15-Reset
Guild Create All Server Min Level 350
Elf Buffer All Server Max Level-350 : Max Reset-5
Mu-Helper All Server Min Level-1
Party All Server Maximum difference of 300 Level
Pk Item Drop All Server Item Drop Chance 5%
Marlon Auto Move All Server Every 15 Minutes
Full Information is in the Guide Section
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