Dear Friends, 2023 is in Force )
As Promised, 10,000 WCoin and 10,000 GoblinPoints were credited to each Account

Posted on 02 / 01 / 2023

The Mini-Map Was Completely Removed.
Fixed a lot Of Visual Bugs.
All Mini Buffs Are Completely Redesigned.
New NPCs have been added.
Map Lorencia
NPC Cent = 131-x-148 - Allows You to Buy 1000 Stats for 500 WC for 1 Reset after Reset they Disappear.
NPC Unique Buff = 129-x-119 - Allows you to get Buff +50% Exp for 1 day. test
Buff Add Stats = 138-x-123 - Allows you to get a Buff for 5 Hours +500 Stats on STR AGI STA ENE
Buff Add Stats ViP = 138-x-132 - Allows you to get a Buff for 10 Hours Only for Vip +1500 Stats on STR AGI STA ENE
Monica = 150-x-147 - Allows you to get a Buff for 3 Days +20% Exp This Buff Can be obtained only 10 Times.
Imperial Guardian Event = 147-x-143 - New Event!
Premium Teleport Arena = 140-x-140 - Teleport to the Arena will now require 10 Portal Scrolls from the Store.

Map Devias
Leo Helper Guard = 225-x-41 - Will allow you to get 250 GP every day for entering the Game, the minimum requirement is 10 Reset 400 Level.
Zen Quest = 204-x-61 - Will allow you to get 1 Zen Coin for completing the task.

Inventory Changes 
Now you Can Clear the Inventory by clicking the Trash Button when Opening the Inventory.
Added Teleport to Vulcanus via the "M" key
Added HELP Menu
In this Menu you will find out all the most important things about the Server Where what Items fall and What % of the Dropout and not only.
Promo code for HELP Menu *giftzen* Prescribe without Asterisks. It can be used 3 times a week.
Redesigned X-Shop
Redesigned ViP System 
Redesigned NPC Stores Sell EXE Premets for 24 Hours.
Redesigned Flag System Visual Part.
Dropped Items of standard Items for Optimization.
Added a new Event - Keeper of the Stone Takes place throughout LT 1...7 By killing a Special Monster, you can knock out New stones from the X-Shop.
Added an Auction System for the whole week, each day has its own Auction. Starts At 18:00 Server Time.
The Master Level can now be pumped only on the Vulcanus map.
All Boxes +1,,+5, All Medals, etc. are stacked in a Pack of up to 30 Pieces.
Hunting for a Player - A New Event Hunting for a Player By Opening a Chest, a Hunt Is Announced for You.
If you Resist, you Win if you are killed by another Player, the hunt is declared for Him. 
I Think Everyone Will Like This Event))
These are the Main Changes The Server now only needs a Test.
The Test Will Take Place until 08.01.2023
Please write to me Personally for Corrections or Suggestions .
I recommend connecting to Discord )

The Client Is Already Available for Download !

Server Updates will start working at 20:00 on The Server, The Server Will Be Disconnected for 10 Minutes.

Posted on 22 / 12 / 2022

Welcome dear guests!

If you have come to this website, then you are interested in Mu Online game.

I want to offer you a cool new server called Pandora.

Description of the server.

Season 3 Premium



Max Reset - 100

Max Grand Reset - 50

Rich Quest system, more than 255+ Quests.

Qualitatively configured server and excellent balance. Stable server operation 24/7.

There is no Donation on the server for Items, etc. DONATE only for MuOn Coin.

Implemented a unique crafting system. Top item crafting system.

The server has high-quality Anti-Cheat.

Direct transfer of information from the game server to the Discord server is available.

*You can find out more in the Discord group.

I am personally responsible for the server and give a guarantee for a fair game! If you have already registered, you can use the referral system.

You should copy your referral link from your personal account referral system and share this link with a friend for registration.

You, a friend and other players who have registered using your referral link are waiting for nice rewards every 10 Resets.

A friend can also invite a friend through their referral system.

Server start on August 5, 2022 at 20:00 server time.

For convenience, I made a countdown timer before the start of the New Pandora Server.

Points per reset 500/700.

For each reset you receive rewards in the form of game currency.

I hope you enjoy the setup and performance of the server.

I wish you a pleasant game, great pastime and maximum positive emotions.


Get ready and come enjoy with us.

Posted on 01 / 08 / 2022

Hello To All Residents Mu-On Server!
Mini Update for UPDATE 0.7
Level Correct Display Has Been Fixed.
The Damage of All Classes against Monsters in PVE Mode has been increased by 10%.
Trade Mode Available on Almost Any Map.
Fixed Jewel of Skill Stone.
The update can be downloaded by running the launcher via administrator.
Clear your browser history first. If anyone has any difficulties, you can manually update the download link.

Posted on 26 / 06 / 2022

Good afternoon Residents of Serverva Mu-On.Ru.

For a long time there was no News We have on the Server.
I want to please you with Update 0.7.

What exactly has been changed on our Server?

Fixed Visual Design of the Client.
Fixed Stack Problem. Now you can throw out the Pack without breaking it. The Server will calculate the Quantity by itself.

Added Spots to the Swamp-of-Peace Map.

Added Teleport LaCleon-2

Added Information on almost All Stones in Sharpening Percentage for Vip and non-Vip Players.

ExE Options Transfer System from Same Items Will Be Included.
Attention if luck is not on your side Both items are lost and non-refundable.

Changes Affected All Wings Per Class.
The changes also affected the PvP of each class.
Please do not jump to conclusions PvP Will be in Test Mode and I will wait for Information from the Players.

Now I am working on the Expansion of the Quest System.
Quest from Buff Elf has been disabled.

Thanks to Every Player for the Feedback on the Server We are making a Very Good Project Together.

Added Smiley System for Better Communication between Players.

Attention The update will work on 06/20/2022 at 20:00 Server time.
Download Update You can run through the Launcher Through the Administrator.
Or Download Patch and Install Manually to the Game Folder.


Posted on 19 / 06 / 2022

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