Good Time of the Day Residents of Mu-On.Ru!
Changes on the Server Will take effect on 05/09/2022 at 00:00 Server time.
You can update the Client through the Launcher by running Through the Administrator, be sure!
Download Pack to Direct Unzip to Game Folder -

Stack system
This Stack of Stones is different from the Pack through the Jewel Bank!
For Chaos Goblin Need a pack through Jewel Bank!
Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Life, Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Chaos.
Will automatically collect in a Pack of 30 Pieces It will be fashionable to smash with a Hammer, or Hold Ctrl + Right Click to Send to Jewel Bank.
Added new Items
New Shield - Quantity 16 Pieces.
New Set - 5 Sets, One for Each Class.
New Weapon - 56 New Weapons For All Classes In General.
Attention !
New Shield - Can be worn by players who have at least 1 Grand Reset.
New Set - Can be worn by players who have at least 2 Grand Resets.
New Weapon - Can be equipped by players who have at least 3 Grand Reset.
Added New NPC Quest !

Quest New Shield - Located on Kanturu-Remain Map 74-x-110, Allows you to get Package Box B from which Randomly drops 1 Shield out of 16 Pieces.
Quest New Set - Found on Kanturu-Remain Map 78-x-110, Allows you to get Package Box C from which Randomly drops 1 Set Item out of 5 Sets.
Quest New Weapon - Found on the Kanturu-Remain Map 82-х-110, Allows you to get Package Box D from which Randomly drops 1 Weapon item out of 56 Pieces.
Quest Wings Level 2.5 - Located on the Arena Map 59-x-110, Allows you to get Wings lvl 2.5 for 3 Days for Each Class its own Wings.
Quest Small Wings - Located on Map Devias 32-x-30, Allows you to get Small Wings for 3 Days for Each Class own Wings.

Quest Pentagram - Being on the Tarkan Map 234-x-54, Allows you to get the Pentagram You can complete only 1 Time per Character.
Quest Talisman of Luck - Located on Aida Map 93-x-14, Allows you to get the Talisman of Luck You can complete only 10 Times per Character.
Quest Ghost Horse 3 Day - Found on Lorencia Map 141-x-115, Allows you to get a Ghost Horse for 3 Days for Each Class.
Changes Ruined Guild Buff
Now there must be at least 3 Guild members in order to get an Extra +5% to Experience.
Fixed some Buff Icons.
Menu button added!
Changes Affected

NPC Lucky Coin - 10 Pieces get Purple Chaos Box Drop Items Selupan Shield !
NPC Lucky Coin - 20 Pieces will receive Purple Chaos Box Drop Items Selupan Weapon !
NPC Lucky Coin - 30 Pieces will receive Purple Chaos Box Drop Items Selupan Set !
Lucky Coin - Drop Will only be at Event Devil Square.
White Cherry Blossom Branch - 10 Pieces of them you will get One Pack of 10 Pieces Randomly Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Life, Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Chaos.
Red Cherry Blossom Branch - 30 of them you will get 1 Lucky Coin.
Golden Cherry Blossom Branch - 255 Jokes of which you will Randomly Receive 1 Item to create Wings Level 2.5.

Posted on 09 / 05 / 2022

Good Time of Day Residents of Mu-On.Ru.
Mini Changes for the Quest System.
The Zen Coin item has been changed to Goblin Gold Coin.
Who Gathered Zen Coins You can exchange them for Goblin Gold Coin from NPC Golden Archer - Devias 227 x 58 Exchange 1 Zen Coin = 1 Goblin Gold Coin.
Drop Zen Coin Completely Removed.
Now Will Drop - Goblin Gold Coin .
Enter Goblin Gold Coin in the Clicker for Auto Match! Stack System Also 255 Pieces per Pack.
Launch Launcher Via Administrator for Extra Mini Update.
I wish you a pleasant game.

Posted on 02 / 05 / 2022

Good Day Mu-On Residents!
Our Servers Are Awaiting Big Changes!
Prepared for you Update 0.5!
Please Download The New Client On Our Website The Update Will Be Enabled On 04/28/2022 At 20:00 Server Time.
What changes have been made?
The Most Important and Important I think is the Refusal of NPC Reset and NPC Grand Reset!
Now you will have 2 Buttons, namely Grand Reset and Reset in the Right Corner.
There Will Be A Description Of Reset And Grand Reset What You Need For This And What Reward You Will Get.
Added Creating an Account Directly through the Game Client, the Create Button will appear.
Added Auto Save Your Password for Simplified Game Login.
To Save Password, you must Check the Save Account/Password checkbox.
Changes have also been made to Mu Helper, now it is Available from Level 1.
New NPC Quest.

The whole Quest System has been redone.
Added New Item Zen Coin Drop from Any Monster, Designed for Quest System.
New Stack System!
Stack - Zen Coin 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Cherry Blossom Play-Box 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Pumpkin of Luck 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Jewel of Extension 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Jewel of Elevation 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Kalt Stone 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Goblin Gold Coin 255 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Stack - Talisman of Luck 10 Pieces in 1 Pack.
Attention !
Special Attention to the Stack of these Items, namely Cherry Blossom Play-Box and Pumpkin of Luck!
When you have completed a box of 2 or 255 Cherry Blossom Play-Box or Pumpkin of Luck !
You mustn't throw them on the ground!!! Since the Server will consider that you threw only 1 Box.
What you have to do is take a Hammer to Fix Things and Just knock on the Box and it will break in 1 Box!

Added New NPCs

Off PvP NPC - Lorencia 130 x 137 : Allows you to Enable or Disable PvP Mode up to 50 Reset for 50 Goblin Points.
Clear Master Skill NPC - Lorencia 123 x 144 : Allows you to reset the Skill Tree to re-drop Stats for 5000 Goblin Points.
Snowman - Lorencia 130 x 127 , and Noria 169 x 112 : Completing the Mini Quest Will Let You Go Immediately to Devias Map at Level 1.
Redesigned NPC Teleport Arena Now Available Only for VIP Players Minimum Level VIP Bronze or Higher.
NPC Clear Stats - Noria 168 x 100 Allows you to reset all stats for 1000 Goblin Points.
Golden Archer - Devias 227 x 58 Allows Rena Item to be exchanged for Goblin Points. 1 Rena = 2 Goblin Points.
NPC Assistant - Devias 218 x 72 Allows you to Summon an Assistant for Leveling for 50 Goblin Points.
Lugard - Devias 229 x 221 Allows you to get to the New Event Doppelganger Collecting 5 Sign of Dimensions Items Get a Pass Ticket.
Added - Event Illusion Temple!

Added Agreement to the Rules when Sending Messages to Post!
Added Warning Window or Description of certain Actions in the Game.
Added New Commands to the Game, You can find it in the FAQ Section in the Game!
Changes Affected almost every Map with New Spots for Leveling!
Big Changes on the Arena Map!
The Column Events Time Boar has been redesigned, it is divided into 3 Sections Event Time, Invasion Time, Auction Time.
Some Items have been removed from the X-Shop.
Wing Crafting Success Chance Level 3 Raised to 50%.
Added a Boss Kill Notification in the Game indicating the Player who Killed the Boss.

The update is already stable, but there will probably be minor changes through the Game Launcher in Auto Mode.
I wish you a pleasant game with respect PoccHaHa.

Posted on 27 / 04 / 2022

Good day Residents of the Server Mu-On.Ru
The Server will be updated Today at 20:00 Server Time.
For the Update to work, you need to download the New Client.

What has been changed?
Changes in X-Shop!
Added new Pets.
Added new Riding Pets.
Added New Items Talismans to Create Wings lvl 1, lvl 2, lvl 2.5, lvl 3, lvl 4. Custom Wings
Added Wings lvl 2.5
Added Wings lvl 4 
Added New Books for Summoning Golden Monsters to get Goblin Points.
Fixed Options and Correct display.
Fixed Dropping Items from Boss and Box.
If a Pet has been changed, contact me personally to restore the pets.

Posted on 03 / 04 / 2022

Good Day Residents Of The Server Mu-On.Ru !
I want to thank you once again for your Support !
And I think We will have this as a Tradition with You, I also try to show that Your Efforts in Developing the Server are Essential.
Our Server is waiting for Big changes and fixes !
04.03.2022 at 21:00 Moscow Time Client Update !
You need to Remove the old Game Client and Install a New One!
All 3 Servers Receive Updates !
Full information will be here :
Client Usage Changes Will be Available to Run 3 Windows on One Machine and 5 Connections will be available on One IP Address !
Fixed - Elf 's Arrow System And I amused you from the Eternal problem Associated with the Purchase of Arrows , they will be Endless !
Fixed - Dynamic Monster Damage System
Information here : Fixed - Vip Player Experience and Drop System Information here :
Fixed - Drop system is completely redesigned and configured.
Fixed - Icon System Received Buffs Will Display Small Icons, Information about the Buffs and the Time when it will pass.
Fixed - Getting a Buff after a Duel.
Fixed - Internal Server Processes.
Fixed - Drop Items for Passing 1 2 and 3 Professions.
Fixed - Mini Map.
Changes in Item Stores and cost.
Changes in the Drop of all Stones and Zen.
Changes in the Cost of the Flag System and Options for the Flag.
Added - Item System +10 and up to +15 Each set of Items Gives its own Aura.
Added - The Luck Wheel System is an Opportunity to get Different Items Information here :
Added - The new Vulcanus Passage Map is located in Atlans Cordinates 13 x 19 The minimum level for passage is 300.
Added - New Collections Of Ancient Objects.
Bala The Arena Map has Been redesigned now there Will Be Only 5 Types of Monsters Spots 2 Types of Monsters with a Joke this is Bali and Solder I Think you Will Like It!
On the Arena Map, the Drop of Items from Monsters is completely Disabled and There is the Fastest Respawn on the Server for Monsters after Death 1 Second.

Posted on 02 / 03 / 2022

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